19 Apr 2012

Indie Gala 3, Twin Sector

Twin Sector, the second startin bonus of Indie Gala 3, totally amazed me!
And when I say so, be sure that there must be something really unique to talk about.
But before starting, I really want to throw a question out there: What's up with this Valve's Portal concept that is characterizing all the latest 3D puzzle games?
I'm not saying that Twin Sector has anything to do with Portal, I'm just wondering why does every single game of the genre reminds me a bit of that!

DnS Development

DnS Development was founded in 1996 in Bremen, Germany.
We're in front of a real company that, except Twin Sector, and the partecipation at the development of Sacred 2 (loved that game), they are generally focused on innovative 3D games and video editing applications. Stands out among the titles also the first person shooter Rage Hard, for more, sarge-sdk.com

Not the usual post-apocalyptic future

(I know it's from machinima, but, I found it pretty self explanatory)

You, in the role of Ashley Simms, are suddenly awaken from a sort of forced sleep system by the Central computer of an underground station where plenty of other humans are sleeping waiting to go back to the unlivable Earth surface. According to O.S.C.A.R, you were the only person that could have been woken, therefore, the only one who can save the station from a system failure; 10 hours to save your and everyone else's life by repairing the main generator.
If you're fond of thrilling storylines, interacting with the environment and puzzles, then Twin Sector is what are you looking for. This game made really Indie Gala 3 an unmissable bundle, even because, (forgive me here) Ashley's voice actor is cute as hell!

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  1. As for the Portal question, it was easily the most original concept to blend puzzles with an FPS-like appearance, and as it was praised so much, the copycats are born by the dozen!